CarbiMet & MicroCut Apex S Backed Grinding Papers

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CarbiMet & MicroCut Silicon Carbide Grinding Papers are the premier grinding paper line, offering efficient material removal and minimal surface damage. They are available in 3 different backing systems depending on the lab’s needs.

Apex S backing allows for fast changeovers between CarbiMet steps. Simply remove the previous paper and apply the next stage without needing to remove any backings or lines.

Use with Apex S carrier film.

Note: 60 [P60] contains 50 pieces, whereas all other grits have a quantity of 100 pieces.

Additional information

Weight N/A

8", 10", 12"

Grit Size

60 [P60], 80 [P80], 120 [P120], 180 [P180], 220 [P240], 240 [P280], 280 [P320], 320 [P400], 360 [P600], 400 [P800], 500 [P1000], 600 [P1200], 800 [P1500], 1000 [P2500], 1200 [P2500], P4000

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