Emspira 3 4K Bundle

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Leica Microsystems Digital Microscope, the Emspira 3 allows you to inspect with a single system, save time with quick sample identification, measure and annotate directly during visual inspection without a PC, and so much more. 

Emspira 3 4K Bundle can include:

  • Objective 1.0x Planapo Z-series
  • Adapter-Telecentric 0.8x & 1.0x Planapo
  • Focus drive 300 mm M-Series Routine
  • Microscope Carrier
  • Inc. light base, Medium w. AntiShock
  • Leica LED3000 RL, 58 mm
  • Diffusor for LED3000 RL
  • Power Supply for LED3000
  • Dust Cover Antistatic
  • Power Cable

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